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    If you’ve experienced dissatisfaction from previous hair transplant procedures, we encourage you to explore our ARTAS or NeoGraft systems. Our ARTAS system makes choosing follicular units for transplantation a swift process for our physicians, considerably shortening your procedure and recovery times.

    What is Artas?

    The ARTAS iX™ is a robotic tool designed for hair restoration. It is an innovative, minimally invasive hair transplantation method that uses Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) technology to produce reliable, natural-looking outcomes without leaving a visible scar. By the use of sophisticated image-guided robotics, ARTAS iX™ will be able to give an accurate examination and dissection of the best grafts from donor regions at a rate of a few thousands of times per session. Eventually, it will distinguish where they should be inserted to achieve a smooth, natural-looking hairline that is tailored perfectly for you.

    Candidate for Artas

    If you have encountered inconvenience from your preceding hair transplant procedures then we invite you to try our ARTAS or NeoGraft programs. Our ARTAS method makes the procurement of follicular transplantation units a fast task for our doctors which helps in reducing your treatment and recovery periods.

    Success Rate of ARTAS

    The surgeon is allowed to utilize different tools for extraction like powered devices and manual equipment, including the ARTAS Robotic System as a mechanized apparatus. The combination of surgical expertise and the capability of the device results in a 95% success rate with unnoticeable scars and subsequent short downtimes.

    What Can Artas Do for Patients?

    ARTAS has elevated the system of hair restoration by accelerating the times of recovery with efficiency in selecting and transplanting hair follicles. ARTAS is an outstanding device that exhibits consistency and accuracy in removing donor hair. Its fine precision allows for negligible postoperative irritation, thereby reducing recovery times. Additionally, it offers zero linear scarring which means that shorter hair will show no visible indication of the process. The procedure will be effective on the current scar lines of the strip procedures.

    How Artas Works

    ARTAS is a groundbreaking approach for the treatment of male and female androgenetic alopecia by using advanced computer technologies to specifically monitor hair transplantation, regeneration and stability.

    Step 1: Pre-Surgical

    A mild sedative will be given to the patient either orally or intravenously to reduce anxiety, lessen inconvenience, and prevent any side effects due to the intake of anesthetic. Next, we tie the hair of the patient in the donor area to make a fairly large strip of follicles that are clipped. The hair above the donor site should be fully covered directly after the treatment if the length of the hair in the donor region is 1 to 2 inches long.

    Step 2: Surgical

    Using a small gauge needle (particularly a 30 gauge), we apply anesthetics to the donor region of the patient. This part is the only uncomfortable stage of this process. Several patients claim that this aspect of the ARTAS procedure induces less pain than a dental procedure. However, for people who are afraid of needles, the addition of an inhalation anesthetic will give little to no discomfort.

    To start the extraction of suitable follicle specimens for transplantation, our technicians will use our ARTAS system established by Restoration Robotics Inc. the moment the anesthetic takes effect. ARTAS helps us to extract hair follicles much quicker and more effectively even when utilizing the FUE process.

    Step 3: Healing

    In undergoing ARTAS robotic hair transplant, recovery is faster than other surgical transplant operations. ARTAS treatment does not need surgical incisions and stitches which means that the expected recovery period will be approximately 3 days.

    Due to the minimally invasive nature of the ARTAS procedure, most patients say that their recovery is tolerable. However, there are medicated pain relievers that can be given if the patient is uncomfortable. Patients can return to their daily routines in a very short period.

    Benefits of ARTAS

    Natural Results

    In six months you will notice your permanent hair growing thick and natural, improving through time.

    Minimally Invasive With No Linear Scar

    The ARTAS iX™ device separates and implants specific follicles systematically and intelligently without the use of stitches, staples, scalpels, orother tools, which ensures that there are no visible linear scars.

    Fast and Effective

    Accuracy and efficiency will be achieved through the robotic method which makes the process faster than any other manual hair transplantation procedures.

    Use Your Natural Hair

    Everyone suffering from alopecia will do their best to disguise their thinning hair. For instance, wearing caps, comb overs and wigs. ARTAS hair transplants is a technique that uses your natural hair so you won’t have to worry about looking your best through artificial means.

    Gives You Lifetime Results

    ARTAS hair transplants are considered long lasting. The end outcomes are permanent and there should be no need for more treatments in the future as long as you subscribe to our BSG team for the maintenance program which includes medications, Low-Level Laser therapy and Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) injections.

    ARTAS hair transplants will not take any shortcuts in order for you to have good lifetime outcomes. Growing your hair healthy and thick will always take time.

    You Can Follow New Hairstyle Trends

    The moment you are able to experience thick hair again due to the ARTAS treatment, you will begin to catch up on what you were missing out from. It will be effortless to style your hair in a variety of ways with your new volume, and you can keep up with the latest fashionable trends in hairstyles.

    Gives You More Confidence

    Opportunities will come your way as ARTAS hair transplant retrieves the confidence within you. With thick, luscious hair again, you can present yourself in public with pride, whether it be in social situations or at work.

    Final Words

    Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness can be treated naturally and comfortably by the new cutting edge technology found in the ARTAS system. Our ARTAS system is available in Toronto, serving you the most cost-efficient procedures for hair transplants.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ARTAS robotic hair transplant systems leave no visible linear scars, unlike older kinds of hair transplantation technologies. In a natural growth period, your new hair will develop steadily, minimizing the likelihood that people will recognize the treatment, other than seeing your new, fuller hair growth!

    ARTAS has state of the art technology which allows it to harvest and implant hair follicles more accurately in an efficient manner. ARTAS also reduces the human error factor, such as follicle harvesting exhaustion.

    It is not necessary to shave the head before undergoing the treatment enacted by the ARTAS System. It is fine to have a short trim but it will enable the doctors to utilize the ARTAS System to envision with accuracy, track, and pick up each follicle.

    The ARTAS method will only leave minor scars in the donor region. It will enable patients to wear their hair comfortably in short lengths.

    Approximately two weeks after, the donor hair that has been implanted will drop out as the implanted hair follicles heal. In approximately three months or so, these hair follicles will begin producing new hair growth. It will take six months to note a significant improvement. The effects are irreversible, but the natural aging process can also cause transplanted hair loss over time.

    The suitable age for a hair transplant would be 40 years and older. This is usually around the age of onset of hair loss. There needs to be adequate hair at the donor site of the scalp (usually the back of the head), so it is best not to wait until the hair loss is advanced.

    During the treatment, the donor region expands steadily and blends with the existing hair. After your treatment, the donor area will be unnoticeable in 7-10 days.

    The usual duration of the procedure is 6-8 hours. The time allotted for the treatment will be dependent on the amount of hair restoration required in your particular situation.

    ARTAS robotic transplantation is a non-invasive technique. As a direct consequence, during and after the procedure, you should not expect to experience much pain or discomfort. For the process to be painless, local anesthetic is used to numb the scalp.

    The cost of an ARTAS hair transplant depends heavily on the kind of coverage that you want for your hair loss. Dr. Colin Hong will conduct a consultation in order to evaluate the grafts needed and determine the cost of your procedure.