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All these services are provided to empower patients to embrace a healthy lifestyle and confidently showcase their natural beauty through a full and vibrant head of hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction

With FUE, the procedure is performed using specialized tools that allow for precise and targeted extraction of follicular units, maintaining the integrity and natural look of the transplanted hair.

  • minimally invasive procedure
  • minimal scarring
  • faster recovery times
  • natural-looking results
Follicular Unit Transplantation

With FUT, the transplanted hair follicles retain their natural growth patterns, ensuring a natural-looking hairline and overall result.

  • dense hair coverage
  • cost-effective choice
  • well-established and widely used

This state-of-the-art system combines robotic precision and artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of hair transplant surgeries.

  • consistent and standardized results
  • minimally invasive
  • extracts follicular units individually
  • advanced imaging technology
Neograft™ Automated Hair Transplant Procedure

This advanced technology combines automation with precision to provide a minimally invasive and efficient hair restoration procedure.

  • faster extraction times
  • minimally invasive approach
  • natural-looking hairline
  • customized treatment plans
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for Hair Loss

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtained by drawing your own blood and refining it to separate the plasma from other components. 

  • minimally invasive approach
  • minimal risk of allergic reactions
  • minimal downtime and a short recovery period
  • sessions are relatively quick
Eyebrows and Eyelashes Restorations

Eyebrow and eyelash restorations using hair transplant techniques offer a range of benefits for individuals seeking to enhance the fullness and appearance of their eyebrows and eyelashes.

  • natural-looking results
  • personalized customization
  • long-lasting results
  • improved facial symmetry